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Proactive I.T. Solutions & Management to Cover Everything Your Business Needs

This offering hits the sweet spot for any small business’ technology requirements. For a flat-rate, predictable monthly fee calculated to fit YOUR budget, we take care of absolutely everything related to technology.

Let’s be real for a moment. You have too much on your plate to be fiddling around with constant updates, upgrades, backups, antivirus software, firewalls, and license renewals.

Today really is the best day to get I.T. off of your desk and to get on with making your business more profitable. Send us a note today at info@buffalocomputerhelp.com or call us at (716) 206-3200 to find out how.

Flexible Options for a Customized Service Plan

Customized Service Plans: We’ll talk about what technology services will best meet your needs and provide them for a flat-rate monthly fee.

Managed & Hosted Services: We take care of any maintenance costs, and we help lower existing expenses like your power and phone bills.

Vendor Management: We’ll consolidate the technology you need to access so we take care of it all – including dealing with all your vendors.

Best Practices: We can ensure speed, accuracy, and reliability through the use of time-tested protocols and software solutions that work well together.

Proactive Solutions to Keep Your Technology at its Best

When you partner with us, we focus on stopping I.T. problems from dragging down your productivity. Your managed services should SAVE your time, not WASTE it. That means keeping your technology at its best so it can’t disrupt your business. We do this through:

• Regular Maintenance

• Preemptively Applied Fixes

• 24/7 Remote Monitoring

• Remote Support Tools

The right I.T. in the hands of the right I.T. support company, Buffalo Computer Help, can help elevate your business. Give us a call today at (716) 206-3200 or send an email to info@buffalocomputerhelp.com

Business Needs Reliable Outcomes. They Also Need Reliable I.T. Services.

We Can Help.