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Technology issues are never fun to deal with. But when they happen in the middle of a busy day packed with back-to-back appointments, it quickly becomes more than an irritation. The sudden inability to access patient records, appointment calendars, intake form templates, referral forms, prescription templates, medication databases, or any of the other numerous files and applications you and your staff rely on to properly manage and care for your patients is hugely problematic.

More than causing administrative headaches, any equipment onsite that relies on access to your network to function is now unavailable to you as well.

We can help make sure you never have to deal with any of that.

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Buffalo Computer Help offers a wide range of IT solutions to help keep your practice's technology running consistently and efficiently, and can provide peace of mind with our Backup and Business Continuity services.

Highlights of our Backup and Business Continuity services are:

  • Regular backups of all your systems; not just your files, but your operating system, applications, users, and settings as well
  • Backups stored in the cloud via our secure US data centers
  • Monitoring and testing of your backups, and routine dry-run testing of your recovery plan so you and your staff can learn how to leverage the system in the event of an emergency
  • A focus on fast and easy recovery from any level of disaster
  • System virtualization - if you're unable to use your onsite computers, we can create a virtual system for you to use from any computer capable of connecting to the internet.

Want to learn more about how Buffalo Computer Help can help protect your practice? Contact us today at or (716) 206-3200 . We're the trusted IT experts for businesses in Buffalo and Western NY.