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Strategic IT Consulting

Guidance And Advice To Truly Take Advantage Of Your Technology

You’re an expert in your field. So are we. You can leverage OUR expertise and
experience to help YOUR business by thinking of us as your virtual Chief
Information Officer.It’s our job to provide you with the guidance and advice
to truly take advantage of your technology.

  • We’ll analyze your existing technology and show you how to consolidate and streamline to save time and money.
  • We’ll talk about realistic budgeting that gets the most bang for your buck.
  • We’ll create a long-term IT strategy for your technology investments, investing in the products and services that make sense for your needs.

How do we do it? It’s all about getting to know your business like its our own. Contact BuffaloComputerHelp.com today at (716) 206-3200 or info@buffalocomputerhelp.com to start telling us about what YOU want your technology to do for you. Let’s make it happen.

“The guys have been great. They have been patient and have worked around our manager’s requests. He just told me that he’d been listening to them all day today, and he likes what he hears. We made the right choice.”

Cindy Mueller – , Latina Boulevard Foods

Our vCIO service is defined by a step-by-step process to create the best possible strategy for your business. You can read on to learn more, or just give us a call at (716) 206-3200 and talk about how it will affect YOUR business.


vCIO Services

Step 1: It’s Your Business.
Make It About You.

If you hired a CIO directly, they’d be doing everything they could to get to know your business intimately. That’s the only way to really start making a difference. We’ll do the same thing.

  • Learn About You – Interview staff, analyze existing technology, and
    determine what you use your IT for and need it to do.
  • Make a Plan – Determine priorities and create a written step-by-step
    long-term strategy for improvements.
  • Prepare for Challenges – Include a realistic budget and schedule for
    each improvement, designed to avoid disruption to your business.

Step 2: Stick By Your Side And See The Plan Throughe

Simply put, we start making improvements. We’re there to help you out and make sure everything stays on task, on budget, and on time.

  • Checks and Balances – Checking in regularly with you to make sure
    you’re getting what you want out of the process, and reworking if necessary.
  • Keep It Simple – Plain English only, never any confusing technobabble.
Cheif Information Officer
Buffalo IT Consulting

Step 3: Get Ready To Do It Again

You won’t have the same needs tomorrow that you do today. Your technology has to be able to keep up with you, and so do we. That’s why this isn’t a static process

  • Constant Learning – Staying on top of new technologies and
    solutions and being ready to apply them to your business.
  • Regular Meetings – Quarterly meetings to revisit your IT strategy,
    discuss successes, and make any changes needed.
  • Technology Refreshes – Being ready to replace aging technology
    before it has the chance to slow your business down.

Business Needs Reliable Outcomes. They Also Need Reliable IT Services. We Can Help.


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