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7 Reasons that Outsourcing IT Makes Sense for Small Businesses

If you’re a small business owner, you have plenty of things to worry about. IT shouldn’t be one of them. We think it makes complete sense for most small businesses to outsource their IT needs to a managed service provider (MSP). Here are 7 reasons. 1. Focus on What Makes You Unique This first reason is a big one. Small busi [...]

Why Security Awareness Training Makes Sense for Your Small Business

Your small business needs a cybersecurity strategy, but beyond that, it also needs security awareness training. These two areas are not one and the same. There are important, distinct differences. The Importance of a Cyber Security Strategy First, let’s talk about cybersecurity in general. By now you likely understand the importan [...]

Why is Cybersecurity so Important to the Healthcare Industry?

Cybersecurity incorporates a number of technologies to safeguard digital data. Threats come from unauthorized access and internal missteps lead to increased risks that hackers take advantage of. Healthcare is increasingly the target of cybercriminals as bad actors learn how to successfully target unguarded or insufficiently guarded d [...]

The Managed Services Buyer’s Guide – Part 1

What Are Today’s Hottest Managed IT Services? In the world of Managed IT services, there are so many new services that can help your business succeed. And business owners simply don’t know about these or they don’t know how the service works. For instance, if you have a new start-up and not much cash, did you know you can take [...]

AMA Clarifies Stance on Physician Use of AI in New Policy

The American Medical Association recently shared its new AMA AI policy recommendations with the public. The AMA sees great potential to improve patient outcomes through this technology, but they also want to ensure that oversight and accountability for this augmented intelligence are in place so that the technology is used justly an [...]

What Can A Business Impact Analysis Do For Your Organization?

When a company functions at a high level, productivity and profitability appear seamless. But it’s also incumbent on decision-makers to understand the potential ramifications for business disruption. Without a working knowledge of how a breakdown in one area of an operation impacts the other moving parts, viable solutions remain o [...]

The #1 Security Threat to Local Small Businesses

There are many types of risk in business: the risk that a new competitor will come on the market and steal market share, the risk that top staff members will jump ship for a better offer . . . but are you considering the significant risk that is associated with a cyber attack? A recent report by IBM shows that more than 77 percent o [...]

EHR Vendor Consolidation and Its Effects on Ambulatory Health Services

An uptick of vendor consolidation in the Ambulatory electronic health records industry has been a cause for concern for many small and medium practices recently. The main cause for concern lies in the preparation and costs associated with integrating their patient health records into new programs that are made necessary with vendor a [...]

Google’s New Chrome Extension Gives Your Passwords a Checkup

In early 2019, white-hat security expert Troy Hunt and other researchers shared a massive database of breached passwords and usernames. The stolen data constitutes 25 billion records and 845 gigabytes of stolen data. While many of the collected records are from previously reported thefts, there are new records there, too. It’ [...]

What Benefits Can We Expect When Outsourcing Our IT Services?

With your company growing, increasing technology demands can overload your IT department. And when you need to implement new projects, your IT department may have to work overtime. This is not only expensive when you have to pay them for overtime, but overworked techs can make mistakes that cost you even more. Hiring additional te [...]