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Developing A Business Case For Adopting Managed IT Services

How Can Your Business Benefit From Adopting Managed IT Services? In the 21st century, the demand for technology is radically changing the business world. The push to develop better IT solutions for every industry has been almost overwhelming. Managed IT services are leading the way in this field. That’s their primary job. Your job [...]

Capital One Data Breach

Recently, news broke about the latest large-scale data breach to hit a major organization. Capital One Bank has announced that millions of customers across the US and Canada have had their personal information compromised in one of the biggest breaches to ever happen to a financial services company. This brief video courtesy of News [...]

Cyber Security is Vital for Small Businesses

Small Business Tech Security Small businesses need to take cyber security seriously, preventing lapses or weak points that could lead to major data breaches or attacks.   Modern technology is rapidly changing the landscape for small businesses. Small companies can now do more and have a far greater reach, but they are also faced wi [...]

What Are 8 Challenges With Using Managed IT Services?

8 Challenges With Using Managed IT Services Many days come with challenges for business owners. You drive to work thinking that the biggest problem today will be whether your old coffee maker will finally fizzle out. Then you get to work and find your IT staff frustrated over a server problem they can’t resolve. Next, you learn  [...]

Watch Out for Hidden Malware on Your Phone

What You Need to Know About Android Malware Hackers are devising new ways to infect phones with malware. Learn about the latest attack on Android phones and how to minimize your risk of getting malware.  Since the first computer operating systems hit the market, malware has been a serious security concern. Today, malware can infect [...]

Intuitive Scheduling: The Missing Link for a Happy Office

Finding the right scheduling software can make everyone happier, and thereby make everything run a bit easier and a bit more smoothly. Here is what you need to find in the optimal scheduling software program, and where to find it. The medical field has always been an industry in which accuracy is key. From the moment a referral is p [...]

What 9 Things Should Be Covered In Your Managed Service Agreement?

What Should Be Covered In Your Managed Service Agreement? You may be considering signing up for managed IT services. Before moving forward, it’s important to make sure that everything you need is included in your contract. The time to negotiate certain items is before you sign, not after. Your service-level agreement contains a [...]

How to Leverage iOS12 Enhancements to Boost Productivity

 How to Use iOS12 to Instantly Share Information With Colleagues Want an easier way to communicate with your colleagues? Save time and reduce errors by learning how to instantly exchange information using iOS12’s share feature.  Beginning with Apple’s release of iOS8, it has been easier to share information, files and apps wi [...]

How to Use Your Computer to Install Apps on Your Android Device

Downloading Apps on Your Android Device: How to Use Your Computer Installing apps to your Android phone via your desktop computer (or other “unofficial sources”) is fast and easy. Learn the simple process right here.   One of the best things about Android devices is the fact that you can access and execute unique commands on yo [...]

Are Managed IT Services Worth the Money?

Managed IT Services Cost No matter what type of business you run, you need modern technology to be competitive. It all starts with a great website that works on both phones and computers. You’ll need a network that is fast and reliable. You’ll need the right software programs to handle things like order processing and customer [...]