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How Does The NY Shield Act Impact Law Firms?

Did you know 54% of law firms reported being audited by one or more clients last year? The NY Shield Act brings even greater consequences to law firms failing to protect client confidentiality…..

Does Your Firm Know The State Of Cybercrime In The Legal Field?

The legal industry is facing its most challenging obstacle to date and it’s not from their opposition - these attacks against law firms are coming from hackers. Once viewed as impenetrable to hackers, today’s law firm is just about as likely to be hacked as any other type of business...

Why Does Your Law Firm Need The Cloud?

The cloud has a range of benefits available to legal firms – more than just the option to back up your data in DropBox. Are you missing out on what the cloud has to offer?..

What’s The Key To Cloud Security In The Legal World?

Given how popular the cloud has become in the legal industry today, it makes sense that there are so many solutions to choose from. You have your work cut out for you when it comes to finding the right option based on the size of your firm and your needs – but are you making the right choice?..

Does Our Law Firm Need Managed IT Services?

By definition, Managed Services are a set of best firms, processes, and tools that, when combined with technical knowledge and proper facilitation, delivers an ideal IT-based result for businesses...

New York State SHIELD Act (Questions/Answers)

SHIELD Act Takes Effect March 21st, 2020: What Organizations In Western New York Need To Know Today...

Buffalo Small Business Technology Tips

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The Secrets of Surviving the End of Windows 7

Microsoft sets the date to end support for its still popular Windows 7 operating system. Find out when support is ending and what you can you do now.  ..

Happy Labor Day

To make the most out of what we hope will be a gorgeous long weekend, we will be closing our…

Business Continuity Planning: Developing An Impact Analysis

According to FEMA, 40% of businesses hit with a disaster never recover, and this rate more than doubles for those without…