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The Secrets of Surviving the End of Windows 7

The Best Tactics For Surviving the End of Windows 7 Microsoft sets the date to end support for its still popular Windows 7 operating system. Find out when support is ending and what you can you do now.   The end is closer than you think, and for nearly 40 percent of PC users, whether they realize it or not, the future is goin [...]

Happy Labor Day

To make the most out of what we hope will be a gorgeous long weekend, we will be closing our office for the day on Monday, September 2nd. And as always, we’ll have technicians on call for all of our managed IT services clients, and you’ll be able to reach us by calling our office if any emergency technical issues arise. [...]

Business Continuity Planning: Developing An Impact Analysis

According to FEMA, 40% of businesses hit with a disaster never recover, and this rate more than doubles for those without a business continuity plan. While the two are linked, a business continuity plan shouldn’t be confused with disaster recovery. You might have a great plan for getting things up and running after an event but st [...]

Network Support Services

Looking for Network Support Services in Buffalo? Your business network truly is the backbone of your organization. In today’s day and age, businesses need a deliberate and reliable strategy for managing, monitoring, and optimizing network functionality. Businesses often can’t do this alone and require some professional back-up t [...]

Outsourcing IT Services: Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts You may already be familiar with the concept of outsourcing IT services. As companies have grown and technology has increased, many business owners feel they need expert help with their IT systems. Wherever you begin your journey, it can be life-changing to find the right IT service provider for your business. Your [...]

Steps to Evaluating and Choosing the Best IT Outsourcing Company

How to Choose the Best IT Outsourcing Company Outsourcing IT service and care is a smart idea for many businesses. Here’s how to evaluate and select the best IT outsourcing company to handle your IT. Your healthcare practice undoubtedly relies on technology to operate smoothly and effectively. In fact, more than any other type of  [...]

What Are 30 Key Questions To Ask When Considering IT Managed Services?

30 Questions To Ask When Considering IT Managed Services Most small business owners have to watch their spending. They can’t just run out and buy dozens of new computers or servers. They have to watch every dollar they spend in order to be profitable. Technology is bursting at the seams though and many companies have the money to  [...]

Where Should You Go for Computer Repair in Buffalo?

Everything you need to know about reliable computer repair companies in Western New York Businesses rely on technology to stay connected with their clients, get work done, and maintain a competitive edge in a crowded marketplace. It goes without saying that making sure business technology is always up and running is the top prior [...]

Texas Government Organizations Blasted In Coordinated Ransomware Attack

Have you heard the news over in Texas? Over 20 government organizations across Texas were targeted in a coordinated ransomware attack. That’s right… These government organizations have been added to the ever-growing list of major attacks on government organizations in Florida, Albany, Atlanta, and Baltimore. The threat of ransomw [...]

Six Advantages to Hiring a Local IT Company

Why You Should Choose a Local IT Services Company Learn about 6 advantages to hiring a local IT services company to support your technology needs, including knowledge of the local economy and proximity when you need support.  Having a technology partner that understands your business, its needs and its priorities is vital. Technolo [...]