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Where Does Data Danger Come From?

With no shortage of ways for cybercriminals to cause trouble these days, any aspect of your business that’s connected to the Internet is a potential vulnerability for your data. However, an innocent mistake made by a staff member can be just as damaging. Unless, that is, you’ve got a Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan [...]

What Exactly Does A Managed IT Services Company Provide?

Running a business requires a great deal of focused attention. Unfortunately, when your technology team is spending a great deal of time dealing with login problems, software licensing, cybersecurity and more, it doesn’t leave a lot of time for growth activities and strategic thinking. As businesses grow, many organizations find t [...]

Are You Good at Saying No & Setting Priorities?

There are never enough hours in a day, but how you spend the hours that you do have can make all the difference in the world. Just think: business leaders such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have exactly the same 24 hours available to them as you do! All good business leaders have to determine the best way to be productive, but this c [...]

Michigan Still Feeling The Pain Of Recent Ransomware Attack

With nearly a million patients affected, the recent ransomware attack on a Michigan healthcare billing services provider continues to cause waves in the industry.   Close to a million Michiganders are finding that their healthcare information may not be as secure as they thought it was, according to Michigan’s Attorney General D [...]

How Can Reliable Phone Services Help Our Company?

Communication is essential for any business today. Being able to connect with colleagues and customers is critical for getting work done. That means having a reliable, features-packed phone system that lets you communicate effectively while in and out of the office. Without a powerful business phone solution, you’re at a competiti [...]

7 Business Continuity Facts

Life tends to be unpredictable, but we do our best to be ready for the unexpected regardless. Where your business is concerned, that means having a Business Continuity Plan to protect you against the consequences of prolonged downtime. A data loss disaster can happen thanks to a number of different factors – in fact, sometimes an a [...]

Leaders Ensure Their Company’s Future

Part of leading a business – or an IT department – is making sure that data loss doesn’t destroy your business. Unfortunately, companies go under… Not because they don’t have good people at the top, but because their data has been compromised, lost, or stolen. When did you last test your business backups? Do y [...]

Michigan Still Feeling the Pain of Recent Ransomware Attack

Close to a million Michiganders are finding that their healthcare information may not be as secure as they thought it was, according to Michigan’s Attorney General Dana Nessel. Unfortunately, the personal health and financial information of these individuals were part of a massive ransomware attack on a third-party subcontractor  [...]

Celebrate World Backup Day on March 31st

When Was Your Last Backup? Data backups are a critical part of protecting the information and files you cannot afford to lose. And yet, many people have bad backup habits – or no backup habits at all.     March 31st is World Backup Day – a perfect opportunity for you to update your existing backups, double-check that your ba [...]

Cybersecurity Basics For Small Businesses

Small businesses are at considerable risk of cyberattack. With fewer staff resources available to maintain and monitor networks and fewer defenses in place, small businesses are an attractive target for hackers and other criminals. The risks of a cyberattack are considerable. Companies could spend tens of thousands of dollars just t [...]