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Celebrate Earth Day This April 22nd!

    This year, what will you do to celebrate Earth Day? The 49th Annual Earth Day is nearly upon us. As always, it’s April 22nd and the perfect day to celebrate this beautiful blue planet we live on. Let’s learn more about what Earth Day is, where it comes from, and how you can celebrate. What is Earth Day? Earth Day is an [...]

Why Businesses In Buffalo and Niagara Falls Metro Areas Should Be Using Cloud Hosting Services (Info/Benefits)

Cloud Hosting Is A Game Changer Providing your organization with the space to scale can be a challenge, which is one of the reasons that so many businesses are moving to cloud hosting. Plus, cloud hosting can put your small or mid-sized business (SMB) on an even playing field with your largest competitors. Here's how cloud hosting  [...]

What Is The Dark Web?

According to some in the technology industry, criminals use the dark web to buy and sell stolen data. Identity thieves are a must stop with any Internet offerings. The top priority with all of this is forced compliance for Internet data protection, consumer protection, and business information protection. Internet Structures and Bus [...]

Is Virtual Reality For Real In Healthcare?

Over the last couple of years, both the concept and the real world application of Virtual Reality (VR) has moved from the fringes of our imagination, into everyday use. What was once a technology that was considered as only beneficial in computer games and futuristic projects designed never to come to fruition, is now infiltrating m [...]

Be Aware: ASUS Update Tool Hijacked By Aggressive Hackers

Large software and hardware manufacturers are generally a trusted source for updates, but that same level of trust with consumers is what makes these groups a heavy target for hackers. The recent infiltration of ASUS made it all too clear that no one is safe from the threat of malware attacks. The Taiwan-based tech giant recently  [...]

Microsoft Excel Tip: How To Copy Cells In Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a staple program in Microsoft’s Office suite. It’s a powerful spreadsheet program that allows users to organize data and calculate results using a wide range of formulas. Let’s look at one basic element to this program: how to copy cells in Microsoft Excel. Basic Cell Copying Technique Before we move on to [...]

Are Healthcare Providers Slow To Embrace Digital Technologies?

Medical appointments and doctors’ visits are not enough. Patients want more contact with their healthcare providers, without necessarily needing to schedule more appointments and spend more time in the waiting room. 74% of patients polled in a recent West survey expressed a desire for more communication beyond the medical office [...]

Can Your Buffalo IT Company Keep Data Dangers Away?

  Today’s digital landscape is full of data dangers. Can your Buffalo IT company keep you safe? It’s one thing to be protected against natural disasters and severe weather events, but it’s another thing entirely to stay safe against man-made disasters. In the IT world, there are a whole host of ways that people c [...]

Is Your Western New York IT Company Really an Expert on Data Backup?

  Business disaster can hit in a moment in the form of fires, high winds, flooding -- or simply an employee who unwittingly clicks a phishing email and opens your organization up to an attack by cybercriminals. This level of disaster does not allow your team the luxury of time to plan a quick backup and perhaps knock toget [...]

Windows 7 End Of Support Just Around The Corner

If your company is still using the Windows 7 operating on your business computers, it’s time to look for a change. That’s because Microsoft is ending support for this popular and reliable operating system that has been popular with companies for years. On January 14, 2020, Microsoft will stop offering security patches and dates  [...]