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11 New Apple Products! Good For You (But Bad For Your Wallet)

Apple is one of the most valuable brands worldwide – as of Feb 1, 2018, there are over 1.3 billion Active Apple Device Users – in order to keep their users coming back, Apple makes sure to keep each new iteration of their devices feature-rich and current with the latest tech trends. Apple never ceases in improving their products [...]

Warning! Serious Threats Still Lurk In Many Companies

Warning! Running Windows XP Software Expose You To These 5 Serious Threats We’ve all done it before – you find a program that you love, and you use it every day until it’s so old it stops getting support from the developer – in the case of Windows XP, that could be extremely dangerous for you and your business. SanDisk report [...]

Will 2018 Bring The Rise Or Fall Of Cybersecurity?

A relatively new set of guidelines enacted in the European Union requires many global organizations to reconsider their security practices and update their protective measures. A quick review of 2017 suggests that it was the worst year on record for cybersecurity – phrases like “data breach“, “phishing”, and “hackers”  [...]

Happy Valentine’s Day: It’s Time To Bring Back That Lovin’ Feeling

There are few things worse than feeling trapped in an unfulfilling relationship – especially when it’s a vital business relationship. Technology is an integral part of everything your business does, which raises a few important questions about your current IT set up. For starters, what is your relationship like with your technolo [...]

Meet The New Internet Security System Built Into Google Chrome

With the growing threat of viruses, worms, scams and phishing schemes, it seems impossible for computer users to avoid a cyber breach these days. In spite of a massive focus on preventing cybersecurity breaches, it’s still possible to wake up one morning to news of a multi-million-dollar breach at Equifax. This nationwide credit re [...]

The Gaps in Data Security That Could Threaten Your Company

In the fight to avoid security breaches, one area has proven over and over to be the weakest link. It’s the human factor. A survey done by CompTIA shows that human errors are responsible for 52 percent of all security breaches. Each day employees open emails; it’s part of their job. Often there are links in these emails, and most [...]

Bye, Bye Server App! How to Run A Secure File Storage Server Without macOS Server VPN.

It’s been coming since 2010—That’s when Steve Jobs announced that Apple was going to kill XServe, its enterprise-level server hardware solution. Ever since that time, Apple has been slowly backing away from the server market. This slow death of Apple server ambitions has now come full circle for individuals and small businesse [...]

8 Easy Ways to Secure Your Data

Data is the foundation of any business. Building a business without protecting your data is like building a home on wet sand, leaving the tide to sweep it away. With all the ways data is being stolen today, there are a few steps you should take to build a secure foundation for it. Use strong passwords. If you or your employees use  [...]

When Technology Wins, Consumers Win

More than 20 years ago, retail began to shift from the shopping mall to online shopping. Amazon.com, the brainchild of Jeff Bezos, had been around for a few years. It was born as an online bookstore in 1995. A brilliant premise, Amazon offered a digital “storefront” that ran from the garage of Bezos’ home. Amazon’s virtual ca [...]

The Many Ways Hackers Can Attack Buffalo Businesses and How You Can Stop Them

“When hackers attack!” could be an alternative name of this article. And, that would be an accurate title, because it’s not “If” but “when” cyber-criminals invade a network, PC, or smartphone near you. Here, we examine several common ways hackers can attack Buffalo businesses and how to stop them in their tracks.  [...]