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Remote Work Is Here To Stay

This Major Perk for Professionals is Here to Stay After COVID-19 In the past, remote work was considered a major perk for senior employees. Now, it’s an integral concept for many organizations trying to stay afloat. Is it here to stay? CFOs say yes! CFOs have spent the past few months scouring balance sheets for costs that can [...]

What You Need to Do to Protect Your Team From Coronavirus Phishing

How to Protect Your Business From the Surge in Phishing Websites Look at the spike in phishing websites during the coronavirus. Learn how cybercriminals are leveraging the pandemic. Find out how to protect your business.   As the entire world is worrying about the coronavirus, cybercriminals are taking advantage of the global crisis [...]

COVID-19: Safety How to Clean Your Phone Effectively

How to Protect Your Phone From the Coronavirus Find out how long the coronavirus can live on your phone. Learn how the coronavirus gets onto phones. Get tips on how to clean your phone or other devices.  Around the world, people are taking unprecedented measures to protect themselves from the coronavirus. Schools and businesses hav [...]

Hackers Target Zoom Meetings for Cyberattacks

Zoom Scrambles to Address Cybersecurity Issues in Meeting Platform As the usage of Zoom has skyrocketed during the coronavirus outbreak, the company has had to respond quickly to security flaws and potential phishing attacks   As Zoom usage skyrockets around the world, so too do the opportunities to exploit users unfamiliar with [...]

Coronavirus Forcing Your Workers to Stay Home? Quickly Shift to an At-Home Team in the Midst of Crisis

How to Create a Work-From-Home Team Quickly As Your Business Deals With the Coronavirus Stay productive and secure your tech network as you deal with the coronavirus. Get support for at-home employees. Learn how to switch from an in-office to a remote team.   In the midst of the coronavirus, business owners are facing a host of new [...]

Your Guide To Working Remotely During The Coronavirus Pandemic

As coronavirus continues to spread across the US, more and more companies are instructing employees to work from home. Do you have the right IT in place to do so? The World Health Organization has officially declared coronavirus a worldwide pandemic. As countries begin to take drastic action to limit the spread of the virus, and citi [...]

Remote Workforces Deliver Business & Employee Benefits

When considering the employee and employer benefits of working remotely, businesses are wise to change. The alternative could make your outfit less competitive.   If you would like to gain a little perspective on how radically our culture has changed, try this exercise. Pick up a pencil and a piece of paper and write out a half-days [...]

Top Tips for Improving Data Analysis with the IF Function in Microsoft Excel

Improving Data Analysis with the IF Function in Microsoft Excel Have you ever wondered what the IF Function in Microsoft Excel actually does?  Here we explore a few top tips for making it save you time while evaluating data.    There’s no doubt that Microsoft Excel is a robust program. Companies all over the globe utilize thi [...]

What Is Two Factor Authentication?

Protect Yourself – Use Two-Factor Authentication for Your Business Learn about what two-factor authentication is and how it works. Once you understand its benefits you will see how helpful it could be for your business.     Two-factor authentication is something every business should be using to protect themselves and their cu [...]

How Does the New York SHIELD Act Impact Veterinarians?

The New York SHIELD Act's Impact On Veterinarians Many veterinarian clinics are experiencing major changes to the way they practice veterinary medicine. Why? Because clients want to interact with their veterinarian the same way they do every other business - through convenient, efficient forms of technology that enable anytime, anywh [...]