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How Does the New York SHIELD Act Impact Healthcare Organizations?

The New York SHIELD Act's Impact on Healthcare Organizations It’s no secret… Cybercrime is on the rise and personal data is being exposed in MASSIVE breaches around the world each and every day. Many state governments are feeling the pressure to adopt privacy protection laws to better safeguard the confidential information of co [...]

Finding Reliable Computer Network Support in Buffalo

Computer Network Support In Buffalo We get inquiries from Buffalo professionals all the time about how they can better harness their technology to support operational needs. In the spirit of business-to-business education and information-sharing, we’ve put together an easy-to-use checklist for businesses that are looking for relia [...]

Impact of the New York SHIELD Act on Businesses

The Impact of the New York SHIELD Act on Businesses The New York SHIELD Act Requires More Extensive Cybersecurity Protocols and Expanded Data Breach Reporting for Businesses That Store or Use Information Belonging to New York Residents…  The New York SHIELD (Stop Hacks and Improve Electronic Data Security) Act has a far-reachi [...]

How Does The NY Shield Act Impact Law Firms?

Effects Of The NY Shield Act On Law Firms Did you know 54% of law firms reported being audited by one or more clients last year? The NY Shield Act brings even greater consequences to law firms failing to protect client confidentiality… Attorneys are operating in a complex, data-driven environment, and nowadays, physical securit [...]

Does Your Firm Know The State Of Cybercrime In The Legal Field?

The State Of Cybercrime In The Legal Field You may not have experienced a data breach at your law firm in some time – or maybe never. Don't let that give you a false sense of security. Do you know what the reality of cybercrime is for firms like yours in the legal field? Do you think cybersecurity should be a priority for law f [...]

Why Does Your Law Firm Need The Cloud?

Benefits of The Cloud For Your Law Firm The cloud has a range of benefits available to legal firms – more than just the option to back up your data in DropBox. Are you missing out on what the cloud has to offer? Even though you may not be currently making use of it, the cloud isn’t really considered a new technology anymore.  [...]

What’s The Key To Cloud Security In The Legal World?

The Key To Cloud Security In The Legal World Given how popular the cloud has become in the legal industry today, it makes sense that there are so many solutions to choose from. You have your work cut out for you when it comes to finding the right option based on the size of your firm and your needs – but are you making the right c [...]

Does Our Law Firm Need Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Services For Law Firms You may know that you need IT support in one form or another – but if you’re not necessarily tech-savvy, then how are you supposed to know one type of IT support from another? What are Managed IT Services, and what can they offer firms in the legal field? Managed IT Services are generally con [...]

New York State SHIELD Act (Questions/Answers)

Storing Private Information Belonging to New York Residents? SHIELD Act Takes Effect March 21st, 2020 What Organizations In Western New York Need To Know Today. On July 25th, 2019, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the SHIELD act into law. SHIELD stands for Stop Hacks and Improve Electronic Data Security - an act designed to amend the  [...]

Buffalo Small Business Technology Tips

When chosen carefully, technology can make your work life (and your employees’) a lot more efficient. But without the help of an expert Buffalo IT company, how can you be sure you even have the right technology in the first place? IT should not just be an afterthought. Just like your staff, technology is a resource in whi [...]