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Glitch in Encryption Tools Gives Hackers Ability to Forge Digital Signatures

eFail flaw leaves encryption users on guard and encryption providers in ‘patch’ mode Security researchers announced this week that a significant flaw exists among popular encryption tools that are used for encrypting correspondence and digital signatures. Any and all email encryption services that use OpenPGP standard and rely o [...]

Hackers Shortcut Microsoft Office 365 Security

Hackers Discover New Way to Bypass Microsoft’s Office 365 Security Protocols Hackers have discovered an innovative method of getting those malicious URLs in their emails past Office 365’s security protocols. This was first revealed by Avanan, a company that deals in internet security. Avanan says that cybercriminals are now usin [...]

The Ransomware Threat Is Growing and Here Are the Reasons Why

One of the biggest problems facing American businesses today is Ransomware. In fact, it is becoming a global threat. In 2017, a ransomware attack was launched every 40 seconds and that number has grown exponentially in 2018. What are the main reasons for this type of escalation? Why can’t law enforcement or IT experts stop the grow [...]

Apple’s New iOS12 Will Include Screen Time, A Tool to Monitor Your Kids Time Spent Online

Coming in the fall of 2018, Apple has announced the release of iOS 12 for iPhones and iPads. The new operating system has been designed to greatly improve the user experience. It will be faster and more responsive than the older versions. It includes a number of helpful apps that will make life easier and more fun. Apple has invest [...]

Cybersecurity Awareness: A Thorn in the Flesh For Local Government Agencies

Local government agencies are concerned by the lack of cybersecurity awareness among government employees and end users. This was a shocking discovery learned from a poll conducted by the Public Technology Institute back in September 2017. The poll found that there were two major factors that were working as obstacles to better cyber [...]

Technological Trends in the Public Sector for the Future

This article is an analysis of topics related to technology that topped the charts in 2017 and are still trending in 2018. No doubt, cybersecurity was a priority topic and many positive advancements were made there. The Internet of Things became a much more talked-about issue, mostly due to its vulnerabilities to hacking schemes. Th [...]


Cybercrime is no longer a new phenomenon. The zeal with which cybercriminals have committed these offenses in the past has led to an outcry from businesses and organizations. Cybercriminals are constantly on the prowl for new sites to attack. They are continuously improving their methods of attack. To make matter worse, this type of  [...]

Office 365 GDPR Compliance Manager

Compliance Manager Introduced by Microsoft, Compliance Manager is a data tracking system designed to ensure companies adhere to General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Organizations can sign up for paid Compliance Manager or subscribe to a free Compliance Manager via Microsoft tools such as Microsoft Azure, Dynamic 365 or Micr [...]

Challenges Facing Today’s Manufacturing Firms

With the increase and diversification of consumer goods in the world today, there is a constant need for more manufacturing firms. Most manufacturing firms work around the clock and still can’t meet the needs of their customers. These companies play a big role in ensuring that the desires of consumers are met. Because of the urgent [...]

Challenges Law Firms Should Be Ready To Face In 2018

A critical skill that an aspiring lawyer must possess is commercial awareness. One particularly important aspect is to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the market in which these law firms work. At the end of the day, any firm is just a business like all the others and therefore, it should react similarly to the changes ma [...]