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We don’t hide behind small print, legal-ese, or other weasel clauses or asterisks next to a guarantee to get you to sign up with us. You see enough of that sort of thing everywhere you look. Instead, BuffaloComputerHelp.com has simple policies that we hold onto in every relationship we forge.


We stand by the quality of our service. If we provide a service or solution that isn’t meeting the standards that we’ve promised, we will return to repair the service or fix our mistake at no extra charge to you.

Best of Breed Products

BuffaloComputerHelp.com works only with the best brands in the industry to provide the most reliable products and services to our clients. We’ve taken the time to find products that we know perform well and are flexible enough to provide whatever service our clients need.


It’s your technology and it’s your business. We’re here to help you, not talk down to you. That’s why our team is focused on providing services and support in plain English with no technobabble, and we consider ourselves consultants first and engineers second. Our goal is to find the right technology for YOU, not just the shiniest new products on the market.


We know your time is valuable, and that fiddling with technology not only drains away your time and productivity, but also starts racking up the bills. That’s why we provide 24/7 support for our clients. If you need help, we’ll be there to get on the issue right away.


BuffaloComputerHelp.com offers an unconditional satisfaction guarantee on all service plans. If you’re not convinced our services are worth every penny, we’ll immediately, and at no cost to you, provide a complete, documented knowledge transfer and smooth transition to another provider of your choice. No lost time, no downtime, no risk! We don’t trap anyone into our service, and we know our service is worth standing behind it.

We’re here to help everyone in Buffalo, from the biggest businesses to the home users with the smallest PC. Contact BuffaloComputerHelp.com today to learn more about what we can do to help you with your computer. Call us at (716) 206-3200 or send an email to info@buffalocomputerhelp.com.

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